Why Not? I’m Singing in the Woods!

sunday morning comingIn my last Weight Loss blog, I spoke about the two essential questions to answer when losing weight Why? and Why Not?.  Here is a link to that one if you want to take a look.  Why and Why Not? – Two Key Questions for Weight Loss   In that blog, I described your Why Not? in the following terms:   “Your Why Not is to do something that you would never have thought to do.  It needs to be big to push you forward. ”  I forgot to add one other element.  Your Why Not?  does not necessarily need to be big to drive you forward.  It also can be crazy to keep you going!  That is especially the case with one of my Why Not’s that I call Singing in the Woods (and sometimes rain or at least mist!).

I love Karaoke and singing in general.  It reduces tension, relaxes me and therefore can defuse stress eating and lower cortisol.  Now when I want to belt something I belt out a tune!  I do this with one of my favorite applications Sing by Smule.  This app allows you to Karaoke with other people in real time and record it.  I have sang songs with people all over the world from France to the Philippines (I am particularly a hit in the Philippines where one of my duets trended for several weeks).

Now the only thing a little bit crazier than singing with other people you do not know is to do it on the Brushy Creek Trail on Sunday Morning just before the sun is breaking.  But that is exactly what I did one Sunday after an especially difficult work week and a hectic Saturday filled with work and family obligations.

I could not sleep that well so as day was breaking, I took my headphones, Iphone and Sing by Smule and went to the woods of Brushy Creek to commiserate with some friends and uplift with others.  I first while walking by the lake sang a song with a lady from Kentucky that was particularly fitting Sunday Morning Sidewalk, sang by Johnny Cash.  It starts off with “Well I woke up Sunday Morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt …  You get the picture.  The chorus goes “On a Sunday Morning Sidewalk, I am wishing Lord that I was stoned (in my case, I wanted a Krispy Cream).

After that song and getting it off my chest, I decided it was time to sing something uplifting.  So I took to the Meditation Labyrinth in the woods (I checked to make sure no one was around), and found some of my Christian friends in the Philippines.  I sang “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe and “Above All”.  There with the son breaking in the sky on a glorious Sunday morning under God’s watchful eye all was right with the world.

So the next time you are feeling blue and want to give up, instead get crazy and ask Why Not?


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