A little help from friends: Striding Subbu and Boots the Dog

There was one instance on my weight loss journey that I gained weight despite hitting all my goals. What did I do different the next week?  For one thing, I ate less salt     But more importantly, I got help from two of my friends – Striding Subbu and Boots the Dog.

Subbu one of my colleagues at work is one of the nicest people and hardest workers I have ever had the pleasure to know.  That Tuesday when I was feeling a bit run down because of late night travel and an early meeting, he showed me his Fitbit record.  I almost passed out when he told me he did over 20 miles on Saturday!  He said he had dropped off his kids and had to wait for them to finish some activities, so he just started walking, and walking and walking.  I was reminded of Forest Gump’s journey across the states. Due to his inspiration, I was able to hit my step goal on that Tuesday  even though tired.  Striding Subbu shows the way!  Here is a picture of his Fitbit record documenting the walk.



My other workout buddy is Boots the Dog.  Boots is a lot like me.  A Chow, Bernese Mountain Dog he looks a bit like a bear which I have been told I resemble.  We both adore my wife (he follows her around like well a puppy dog!).  Lastly, we both had a weight and health problem a year ago and have both overcome the  issue.  I remember when we both walked  with my wife in what I called the last chance workout after a famous show.  My wife had to drag both of us up a hill (at least she did not have to carry me).  Over the last year, Boots has lost 30 lbs.

Boots helped me and got to celebrate to boot.  I was at a colleague’s retirement dinner and wanted to celebrate with half a steak.  Who got the other half – Boots!  This is an old weight loss trick.  When in a restaurant, immediately box half your meal and eat it the next day or win the endearment of a buddy.


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