Life Lessons – Strive for Excellence Always!

For Excellence We Strive, 85 is the motto of my class at the Academy. Some of you may have seen the pin I wear on my lapel (when I wear a lapel 🙂 ). Some may say why Strive for Excellence instead of Be Excellent as a motto. Well, beyond the fact that Strive rhymes with 85, there is an important distinction. Mainly this. The Excellence of today is the mediocrity of tomorrow. Those who do not continuously Strive for Excellence, doom themselves to complacency. So it is good to take a few moments to savor success when it happens, but it is important shortly thereafter to put back on your work boots and use the excellence of today as a springboard for success tomorrow!

ring crest

One last thing. I LOVE football and played it in high school and college. My senior year we moved to Texas and I played for a new coach. I was a lineman and when we were practicing blocking the coach would yell. DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE (and then when the blocking drill was over) Roll Out. I liked the DRIVE part but not the Roll Out part. In the next few weeks as we serve our customers let us DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE for excellence and not roll out until the finish line.

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