Spinning is Winning! A Ride for A Reason

In a previous blog, I talked about the importance of keeping your Why Close By when driving to lose weight and be fit.  Here is a link to that blog.  Why and Why Not? – Two Key Questions for Weight Loss

I just got a new Why and it is something I strongly believe in.  The St Jude Children’s Research Hospital was started by Danny Thomas to take care of sick children.  I recently took up spinning at my local Life Time Fitness in Round Rock and they are sponsoring a Ride for A Reason to support St. Jude’s on March 3.  I will be riding for 4 hours and just purchase my first set of Bike Shoes from Amazon!  Now i am going to see if I can exceed my peak of 232 Watts and 132 RPMs.  The key to spinning is having a driving song.  Please, please, please Lifetime play some Bruno Mars for the event!

Spinning is great exercise and is a good break from running  or walking (my usual go-to’s).  I found that has the following benefits:

  1.  Builds up and strengthen your legs, especially hard to hit muscles like those that support your knee.
  2. It really can work your core especially when you are standing on the bike and when you ride with good form.
  3. It pumps up your cardiovascular endurance especially during interval training or power (hill) endurance rides.
  4. It is fun and uplifting start to your morning.
  5.  It is great for weight loss especially if you are pushing it.
  6. It is  an awesome way to meet friends as you share your one part misery one part exhilaration!

Please consider joining me or donating in support of this worthy cause.

Don for St. Jude’s

Person in Spinning Studio
Getting Ready for St Jude’s Ride for A Reason

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