It’s Not Easy Being Third!

Last week when thinking about the legacy of Dr. King and thinking of other selfless people like Gandhi and Mother Theresa, I was trying to find the common thread that pulled them all together.  And I realized it was because they were each Third – behind their religious beliefs and their care for others.  I then thought how hard it is to be Third in my own life and thought of that classic song – “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.  So I decided to write this song/poem to the tune of It’s Not Easy Being Green.  I hope you enjoy it and my thanks to Kermit!


It’s Not Easy Being Third

It’s not easy being Third,

Putting yourself behind our human family and God’s word,

And people tend to pass you over,

cause you’re not in the latest fashion,

or have cool toys like some other guys.


But Third’s the purpose in your life,

And Third can help end earthly strife,

And Third can change the course of a nation,

Or build bridges to others, or define history.


When Third is what your meant to be,

It could make you ponder why, but why ponder?

Why ponder, I am Third, it’s written on our Souls

And it is where God wants us to be!

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