The Saturday Texas Two Step!

Every Saturday I do what I call the Texas Two Step.  Regardless of my flight the day before (I usually get into Austin at 2 AM when working away), I always follow the same two step routine of success on Saturdays.

First, I go to the gym and either do the elliptical trainer and weights or I participate in group circuit training called Functional Integrated Training (FIT).  This week it was FIT and we did a series of weights and aerobic exercises with the Bosu Ball.  I was a little ragged because of the late flight but fortunately Uptown Funk was the ending song.  I don’t know about you, but it is hard not to work out let alone dance when Uptown Funk is played.

Next I go to either the 8 am or 9:30 AM Weight Watcher’s meeting.  It starts with the weigh-in  and then a very informative meeting (this week on SMART goals and how they keep you on track).

I will end this week’s blog with two pictures from the Second Texas Two Step.  I apologize for not smiling too much (still recovering from the flight).  In the second picture, I tried to capture a picture in the WW room.  It did not come out the way I wanted (note to myself – I need to learn to take selfies from my kids).  But the message is important – Believe in Yourself.  No matter your current health or fitness, you can do it with a little faith and love!  Life is Attractive, when you’re Active.


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