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In 2013 through late 2014, I was in very bad shape. The picture below gives you an idea. Taken at my 50th Birthday, I am seen here with an Elvis impersonator. Elvis is a long time idol of mine and I can do a pretty wicked impersonation , even at my peak weight (unfortunately this picture was taken a little shy of my peak). But I always preferred the young Elvis to the 70’s, too many Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches Elvis.


I had to do something!  My 30th West Point Reunion was coming and the picture below is the picture below represents what my classmates remembered about Don and Elvis.

skinny elvisIndeed, I was on a downward trajectory. The bottom hit in late 2014. I was in Kansas on a business trip and I was trying to keep up with one of my colleagues who had offered me a lift to the hotel. I was trying to keep pace with him as we climbed the stairs. On the third flight as we approached the car, I could not catch my breath in the brisk air. It took more than 5 minutes of deep breathing to get it under control.  This had to end and it did!

In late 2014 and early 2015, I did two things that forever changed my life.  One I got a checkup that told me I had some health issues and two I joined Weight Watchers.  This blog is dedicated to the leadership lessons that I learned in Weight Loss and Life that allowed me to lose 178 lbs,   enjoy my reunion, become a Lifetime member at Weight Watchers, walk 50 miles in one day, and return to Skinny Elvis (see picture below from this October!).  If you are a 50ish guy, stuck in a rut and want to get the fire back and weight off, I will show you how to do it!  And hopefully impart some leadership lessons on the way.

new elvis