A Prayer on Birthday Morn

We wander our life,

with purpose unknown,

Our minds half formed,

Our souls half grown.

In a place that is foreign,

far from home,

We seek the forgotten,

untethered we roam.

God is watching,

but we cannot see,

The person and blessing,

We are meant to be.

We seek but are lost, 

Oh, the games we play!

Where we’re going, 

what direction? 

We cannot say.

So snatch me Lord,

from the jaws of death, 

Give me new life, 

Give me new breath.

Help me to seek, 

so I may be found , 

my sins all broken, 

my heart unbound.

And with Your help, 

it is not too late, 

To find the good, 

forgo the great!

So Stop! Pray! 

Live in Christ! 

Find your purpose, 

breathe your life, 

Find the person, 

you were meant to be, 

with soul unfettered, 

with spirit freed!